We specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling furniture with unique and varied designs to suit all occasions

Classic and modern, a distinctive collection that our customers admire

We have experience and accuracy in design according to the latest models in the field of furniture industry Nice Dreams is one of the largest manufacturers of furniture and furnishings and one of the most important suppliers for various exhibitions in the Kingdom


Enjoy a healthy, calm sleep with the best Nice Dreams mattresses, which are distinguished by their wonderful designs and high quality of materials, supported by technology that gives our customers flexibility and perfect comfort during sleep so that they wake up in full health and happiness.

The mattresses are designed with high quality and at the highest level of luxury and technology to give the body the health and comfort of relaxation and sleep that it needs to be healthier, as it provides support to give flexibility and comfort to the human body such as the lower back, and it also helps in reducing recurring back pain, in addition to that it is distinguished The mattresses are in luxurious fabric and have a soft touch with excellent quality and a wide range of colors, sizes and unique designs

There are three groups of mattresses:

Luxury mattresses: give a level of luxury and sophistication to give you comfort and luxury during sleep, and there are types such as Princessa, Princessa Double Plotube, Princessa Bluetop, Sonorita, Sonorita BlueTop, Sally, Queen, Galaxy, Fantasy.

Medical mattresses: It is considered one of everyone’s favorite and suitable for the human body, because it takes the natural shape of the human back, and there are types such as super medical, super jumbo, and jumbo.

The first mattresses: support comfort and give the right balance of the body, and there are types such as Top Night, Sweet, First.

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